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Vicky Kelberer is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in International Affairs, concentrating on the Middle East and Security Studies, at Boston University. She graduated from BU’s undergraduate IR program in May 2012 summa cum laude and received the Carol  A. Chandler Award. She speaks French fluently and Arabic passably. While studying abroad in Geneva, Switzerland in 2011, she interned for the Arab human rights NGO Alkarama Foundation during the height of the Arab Awakening. Vicky also writes for the Huffington Post and Foreign Policy in Focus, and has published an article with Prof. A.R. Norton on e-International Relations. In her spare time, Vicky is an animal enthusiast (and frequent petsitter for her friends), globetrotter, fondue lover, and amateur chef.

Colin Wolfgang received his B.A. in International Relations in 2012 from Boston University with Vicky, focusing on Europe and Security Studies. After studying abroad in Italy in 2011, he became conversational in Italian - a language he continues working on and a culture he still pretends he's a part of. He now does consulting with Brooklyn Strategies in New York City,  focusing on political and government strategy, PR, and public affairs. In addition to writing for the Global Atlas, he has begun contributing to the Huffington Post. In his spare time, Colin enjoys watching movies, playing tennis, and catching up with friends over a good meal and a well-crafted cocktail.

Vieshnavi Rattehalli graduated magna cum laude from Boston University in 2011, earning a dual degree in International Relations and Public Relations, with a focus on the Middle East and Government Communications. After studying abroad in Geneva, Switzerland in 2010, and interning for the Arab human rights NGO Alkarama Foundation, she became interested in the role of communications and media in crises and conflict zones. She went on to earn her Master’s degree in Government, with a concentration in Conflict Analysis & Resolution from Georgetown. She is now a consultant at FairWinds Partners where she works in the field of Internet strategy. In her spare time, Vieshnavi enjoys reading, discovering new places through her camera lens, dancing, and eating gelato/drinking affogatos with her friends.

Former Author and Co-Founder:

Zach Crawford is a recent graduate of Boston University where he received a B.A. in International Relations, focusing on non-state actors and the Middle East. After studying abroad in Geneva, Switzerland in 2011, he has returned post-grad and now works there for the World Health Organization in the Department of Essential Medicines and Health Products. He also serves as a graduate assistant to BU’s Geneva Programs providing guidance and resources to students, and anticipates starting his Peace Corps Volunteer service in Benin in July 2014. When he’s not working, Zach enjoys reading, hiking and a piping hot cup of coffee.

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