Monday, July 23, 2012

A Welcoming Message

As a recent graduate with a BA in International Relations, I reminisce fondly on my past four years as a undergraduate and the rigorous academics associated with those years. My passion for international studies was minimal when I entered college as a freshman; as the classes I took became more involved, demanding, and stimulating, that passion steadily blossomed. Now equipped with my degree, I look forward, excited to apply what I have learned in the professional world and if I'm lucky, begin to make a difference in the world. I have begun to be engaged in eye-opening dialogues with those already years into this professional world, and through these dialogues have learned that there is still an unfathomably vast world of information out there that I have just barely begun to understand. These dialogues, I already know, are what will allow my knowledge and passion to continue to evolve now that formal academics are (temporarily, I hope) over.

That's why two good friends of mine and I have decided to create this blog. It can be whatever you would like it to be - whether it be a place to post academic papers you are particularly proud of, a debate forum where you can make your case on a certain subject and hear other opinions from other IR students, or just somewhere to come periodically and read the news. I'm proud to be starting this blog, and I sincerely hope students everywhere begin to utilize it in the way I would have utilized it while still studying for my bachelors degree.

So on behalf of myself, Vicky Kelberer, and Zachary Crawford, I welcome you to the Global Atlas.

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